Attending a Bible study is one of the best ways to get to know other members of the church while also deepening your faith and developing your relationship with God. Faith Lutheran Church in Hesperia offers many Bible study opportunities for those who would like to gain a deeper understanding of God’s word:

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Pastor Brad Viken teaches a Bible study every Sunday morning between first and second service (9:25 to 10:15 a.m.). Topics vary, but this Bible study opportunity is a great way to get to know Pastor Viken and the other members of the congregation between services. We love seeing new faces!

Men’s Bible Study and Breakfast

Pastor Brad Viken teaches a Bible study for men every second Saturday of the month. The Bible study meets for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. in the fellowship hall. This is a great time for Christian men to come together to develop meaningful fellowship, learn, and enjoy a hearty breakfast. This men’s Bible study covers a wide range of topics, so please get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about upcoming meetings.

Thursday Bible Study

We offer a Bible study class at 9:30 a.m. every Thursday for those who are interested in becoming more involved in the community and closely studying the Word. These classes provide an opportunity for couples and friends to study the Word of God together. You’ll meet new people, make new friends, and gain a deeper understanding of God’s love and wisdom. We would love for you to come by!

Home Bible Study

At Faith Lutheran Church, we understand that not everyone can attend Bible studies at the church due to scheduling conflicts and other responsibilities. We want to make the Word of God as accessible as possible, so we offer several home Bible studies throughout the year for our members to attend. These gatherings are a fantastic way to get to know members of the congregation, make new friends, and continue your spiritual growth. Please call the church office for more information if you are interested in attending a home Bible study. We will provide you with up-to-date information about current and future home Bible study opportunities.