At Faith Lutheran Church, we know that early education is one of the most important gifts you can give your child. In today’s post, we’ll explain just a few of the ways in which Sunday school can help your child grow psychologically and spiritually. If you’re interested in learning more about Faith Lutheran Church’s Sunday school, then please call our office at 760-244-5943 , or come by for a Sunday service.


One of the most important aspects of raising a child is teaching them how to make lasting relationships with others. At Faith Lutheran Church, we make it our mission to provide children with a Christ-centered environment in which they can forge lasting relationships with others. As your child grows up, they’ll develop deep relationships with other Lutherans whom they can rely on in their day-to-day lives.

Whether your little one is currently in school or will be attending school soon, Sunday school is a great way to help your child acclimate to a social and educational setting. Your child will also participate in fun games and classes led by experienced and knowledgeable Christian educators — our children look forward to meeting each week! 


We know that as parents, you come to church every week to listen closely to the sermon. If you were raised in the church, then you may remember feeling bored when your parents brought you to “adult” church. It’s not that the material itself is boring — you just weren’t old enough to comprehend it. We know that little ones have a hard time sitting through sermons geared towards adults, and as we noted above, we strive to make their time in Sunday school as fun as possible.

Everyone Learns

You have to have a deep and comprehensive grasp of any material you plan on teaching. Our Sunday school teachers have a thorough understanding of the material they cover, allowing them to convey the Word of God in an age-appropriate way that won’t confuse or bore your child. We know that children often ask simple, yet surprisingly difficult questions, and our experienced educators have the resources to help your children find answers grounded in the truth of the Bible. They’ll also show your child where and how they find answers in the Bible, allowing your child to develop important skills as they grow older.

Outreach Opportunities

Our calling is to share the Word of God, and Sunday school is a great opportunity to introduce someone new to Lutheranism. If your little one is making friends at school, or in the neighborhood, then try inviting the parents to church service. Your children will have a great time in Sunday school together while you listen to the sermon, and the parents might just become regular members of the congregation!

These are just a few of the benefits of our Sunday school program. We’ll be explaining more about our Sunday school and youth ministry programs in future posts, so be sure to check our blog page frequently. We hope to see you and your little one this Sunday!