The Kingdom Quilters of Faith Lutheran Church has met regularly since 1994 to make quilts for Child Protective Services of San Bernardino County. Not all members of the Kingdom Quilters group are sewers, but each member uses their talents and gifts to help create great quilts.

We have made more than 1,300 quilts since the inception of this ministry group, and we hope to increase our production in the coming months. We sell some of the quilts we produce to finance our supplies and maintain the machines, but the rest of the quilts are donated. The Kingdom Quilters group meets weekly at our church in Hesperia on Tuesday mornings (please note that we do not meet in the summer). God has been very good to us by supplying willing hearts for the work and great companionship among us!

If you would like to donate to the Kingdom Quilters group, there is a continual need for cotton fabric (1 yard or more in length — no small scraps, please). Those who are interested in joining this ministry can either come to our church in Hesperia or get in touch with us through our website for more information.