Embracing the different needs of all our parishioners, we’ve created a number of services and meetings, all intended to facilitate the spiritual and emotional growth of every member. Believing the Bible to be the divinely inspired true Word of God, each ministry, service, sermon or study is centered around the scriptures. Fostering spiritual growth in people of all ages, our church in Hesperia happily offers the following fellowship opportunities:

Bible Studies 
Sunday morning Bible study, Men’s Bible study and breakfast, home Bible studies, and more! Faith has a variety of groups to join as you dive into God’s word and learn more about Jesus and His saving grace for you. Please visit this page for more information, or come to a Sunday service to speak with a member of our staff!

Kingdom Quilters
Kingdom Quilters is a Lutheran ministry group that meets and creates quilts to give to Child Protective Services of San Bernardino County. They are always looking for a helping hand, and there are plenty of jobs for you, even if you don’t sew! Please visit the Kingdom Quilters page to learn more about this ministry opportunity.

Lutheran Braille Workers
The Lutheran Braille Workers group is a ministry to the blind and visually impaired. Touch a life today by helping us translate the Word into Braille! Visit the Lutheran Braille Workers page to learn more about this ministry opportunity, or get in touch with us via email to request more information.

Youth Ministry
At Faith Lutheran Church, we recognize that children are the future of the Lutheran Church! We offer various programs and activities for children, including children’s church, vacation Bible school, and youth group.

Prayer Warriors
Believing in the unwavering grace of God and the proven power of prayer, the prayer groups at Faith Lutheran Church are geared toward helping those who require the Lord’s assistance, mercy, and love. Prayer requests are addressed with care, confidentiality, and dedication. If you are interested in becoming a prayer warrior, please click here for more information. Do you have a prayer request? Let us know! We would love to pray for you.

Human Care
With gentle hearts and helping hands, caring for others is what this group is all about! To learn more about the various service projects that Human Care is involved with, please visit this page or get in touch with us to learn more.

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League is a Lutheran ministry dedicated to providing aid to various missionary projects throughout the world. Lutheran women can be involved from a local level to a national one — please get in touch with the church if you’re interested in learning more!

Altar Guild
If you are interested in the church’s altar area and how it looks, then Faith Lutheran Church’s Altar Guild might be the perfect group for you! To learn more about this important ministry, please visit the Altar Guild’s official page or request more information using our online contact form.

We welcome new members and encourage immersion in all of our study sessions and groups, so please contact the church office for more information regarding any of our ministries. If you would like to request more information in-person, then please come to one of our Sunday services in Hesperia!